Our Mission

We're democratizing credit and leveling the playing field by providing financial opportunity and accessibility for all.

The system is broken.

150 million people are locked out of mainstream credit in America. People who earn the least are paying the most in rates and fees, sometimes as much as 500% more. If you work hard, you deserve credit at fair rates. Period.

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We provide a better way forward.

Arro is ending the vicious cycle of predatory lending and over-borrowing by addressing the root of the problem and making an impact where it matters most. Anyone can gain access to a low-interest credit card with manageable limits that only increase by completing personal finance lessons.
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Why Arro works

We put control in the hands of people who want to reclaim their lives. Arro Cardholders have the ability to grow their credit line over time as they learn, save, budget, and set goals through the app.

This is not a short-term fix. This is a series of life lessons backed by behavioral finance to rewire how we think about money. And that's why it works.

Our Partners

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