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Arro Credit Card: Increase Your Odds of Passing Tenant Credit Checks

Discover how the Arro Credit Card can be your ally in passing tenant background and credit checks, making you an ideal candidate for your dream rental.

Author: Arro Team

March 14, 2024|Blog

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Looking for your next place but stuck at credit checks? The Arro Credit Card is your go-to credit card for learning credit and building it to a strong score to pass tenant screenings and landlord checks without a cosigner needed. Arro can help you learn and build strong credit that can help you build a strong credit score to increase your chances of getting approved for your next rental!

If you are looking to begin building credit to prepare for submitting rental applications, the Arro Card is the perfect first credit card to kick off your credit building journey to build or improve their credit scores to meet landlord requirements.

Tenant Application & Credit Checks

Landlords run credit checks to determine if you're a reliable and financially stable tenant.  Having a good credit score will help show that you're a tenant who will pay rent on time. On the flipside, a lower score may raise a landlord/property manager's concern of financial risk. While there are many factors when approving tenants, credit checks often become one of the most important deciding factor in whether your rental application moves forward or hits a roadblock.

What Information is Included on a Credit Check for Rental Applications?

The majority of property owners/landlords check tenant credit, often with one of the three major U.S. credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Experian, or Equifax. Landlords run credit checks to take a deeper look into your financial background as a potential tenant. Landlords also use background checks. Property managers & landlords have access to a lot of critical information about you through these checks that could include:

  • Job history

  • Verification of social security number

  • Credit score checks

  • Payment records

  • Signs of potential fraud

Property managers & landlords are on the lookout for any warning signs that might suggest that you as a renter might struggle with making rent payments on time or be a risk to the community's safety. The warning signs that landlords may determine is a red flag is:

  • Bad or Weak credit score / No credit score

  • Repeated delays in payments (credit & paying rent)

  • Any evictions

  • Bankruptcy filings

  • Excessive use of available credit lines (aka utilization)

What is the Biggest Challenge for First-Time Renters?

If you're a first-time renter, student, or simply new to credit cards, the need for a credit history can seem like a massive barrier.

Ever wonder, "How can I build a credit history when most cards need a credit check, and I need good credit for things like renting an apartment?" It's a common obstacle that can hold up or even halt your housing search, often leading to the need for a lease co-signer.

Arro Card & App: Build Credit Responsibly

The Arro Credit Card is designed with you in mind, especially if you're just starting your credit journey, getting  your first credit card or looking to improve your credit score.

With Arro, you start with an initial $50-$200 credit line with only a soft credit check to start your journey to build your credit, which is crucial for passing those tenant screenings & credit checks when applying to be a tenant for a rental.

Credit Based on Your Bank Account, Not Your Credit Score

When you apply for an Arro Credit Card, Arro checks your bank account instead of your credit score. We understand that everyone starts somewhere and many who have never had a credit card, or don’t qualify for traditional credit cards, might not reveal the whole story, and surely shouldn’t be banned from ever starting or improving in terms of credit. Arro offers the credit card that actually gives you a fair chance to start building your credit - and ultimately help you secure life’s essentials like housing.

No Credit History Required

For those who haven’t taken out a credit card and don’t have any credit history, the Arro Credit Card is a perfect starting point! It's specifically designed to help you begin your credit journey in a low pressure environment of $50-$200 that only increases with a track record of timely payments, and completing mini activities in the Arro app that help you understand the basics of Credit and Finance, with no prior history required to apply.

Building a Great Credit Score

By using the Arro Credit Card responsibly—making purchases and paying off your balance on time—you'll start building a positive credit history. With a track record of on-time payments and crushing those in-app mini lessons, Arro will gives you opportunities to reduce your interest rate, increase your line of credit, and build up that credit score through completing in-app lessons and paying your credit balance on time.

Arro reports to all three major credit bureaus, ensuring that your good financial habits contribute to your overall credit score, and ensuring your future landlords will be able to see your great track record.

What is the Path to Passing Credit Checks for Rental Applications?

On time payment on your Arro Credit Card can boost your credit score, making you a top pick for landlords. Show off your financial smarts, build your credit score and get the thumbs-up for your dream rental.

Why is the Arro Card the best first credit card?

  • 🚀 Easy Start: Arro gets you started on building credit right away, no past credit needed.

  • 💳 Introductory Credit Line: Start with a $50-$200 limit to learn the ropes, with chances to up your limit and lower your rate with smart use and learning in the app.

  • 🎉 No Security Deposit Needed: Get started without the need to tie up any funds in a security deposit.

  • 💡 Low APR Interest: Enjoy a low interest rate, which you can reduce further by learning about credit and finance through Arro's app and paying on time.

  • 🚀 Instant Credit Access: Start using your Arro Credit Card as soon as you're approved!

  • 🔒 Safe & Secure Credit Reporting: Every timely payment is reported to the big three credit bureaus, helping your credit score climb.

Apply for an Arro Card today! 

Whether you're managing student loans or looking to kick start your credit  building journey, Arro is here to support you every step of the way. Download the Arro App from the iOS App Store or Google Play and apply for your Arro credit card today!